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by Jordan Stokes

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Is this for me?

All of our programs are completely customized to each and every individual’s needs. Whether you’re brand new to fitness, a collegiate athlete, senior citizen, or somewhere in between, GOA has you covered!  Jordan Stokes is an industry professional, and cares about your overall wellness.

What can I expect?

The sky is the limit! These programs are designed to teach you how to take control of your life by making sustainable changes. You will learn how to gain lean muscle mass, lose unwanted body fat, increase strength and endurance, and see your body transform before your eyes.

Apparel & Accessories

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Success Stories

I am a very stubborn person.  For many years I tried losing weight by just eating less or only when I was hungry and I found myself just not seeing any results.  I hired Jordan and he helped to not only educate me on proper nutrition and exercise, but to motivate me, even if he had to listen to me whine from time to time.  Jordan always broke down things for me in a way that I could understand and I was able to drop 40 pounds and 12% body fat!!  I changed my entire lifestyle for the better and now live a fit life!

Judie Wang

Jordan got me in the best shape of my life and feeling absolutely shredded for my first ever competition!  His workout routine was killer and the nutrition was spot on for my body type and goals.  I would highly recommend Jordan to ANYONE looking for some professional assistance in reaching their goals.  Thanks Jordan!!

Alex Barragan

I thought tall and skinny was a way of life for me until I found Jordan!  He helped me stack on lean mass and strengthen my core and back which helped me heal a pre existing injury.  I finally feel like I am the body weight I am meant to be at, and have confidence in my appearance and ability!  With Jordan in your corner, you can achieve the results your desire faster and easier than ever!

Joshua Tyler

Being a long time student athlete, military veteran, and all around physical health enthusiast, I was under the impression that I couldn't possibly benefit dramatically from a physical trainer. After placing my ego aside and giving Jordan Stokes a try I was proven wrong. His keen ability to manipulate each program to an individual, overwhelming knowledge of the subject matter and positive mindset was the transportation moving my one day goals to today's reality. Thanks Jordan!

Joe Taylor

Questions or Comments?

Email your questions and comments to info@GameOverAthletics.com.  To directly email Jordan Stokes please purchase your desired transformation package.  Follow us on Facebook & Instagram!